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Tabeer Riaz

Empowering Young Women Water Professionals in South Asia: Leading the Wave of Change

  21. March 2024    1033

In September 2023, fueled by a shared vision to create a meaningful global impact, five visionary women embarked on a journey that led to the establishment of the "South Asia Young Women in Water" (SAYWiW) platform. This initiative was born out of a casual meeting, which evolved into a powerful force for change in the realm of water management in South Asia. SAYWiW stands as a beacon of empowerment for women water professionals, acknowledging their often-overlooked contributions to driving tangible change in the region. Despite encountering obstacles, these trailblazers persistently pioneer research and innovation, surpassing global counterparts and shaping the future of water management.

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Josphine Gaicugi

Achieving access to adequate and equitable sanitation for all is no mean feat

  5. March 2024    1864

Suryabarti (Surya) Majhi is a Project Engineer in Odisha Water Supply & Sewerage Board.  She joined the department as a young assistant executive engineer in 2016 before which she worked in various government agencies. She calls herself an “engineer by mistake” because she wanted to study English- literature before she decided to study engineering. As a project engineer, Surya held the key to ensuring effective implementation of the state's Faecal sludge management. This has earned her a spot on the sanitation hall of change on the NFSSM alliance portal.

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Kavita Wankhade

Systemic shame surrounding menstruation is alive and thriving, everywhere

  31. October 2023    523

This article was originally published on The News Minute on 28th May 2023, and has been republished/repurposed here with permission. Read the original article here. 

As women, shame enters our being in many ways — when an older man leers at our barely-sprouted breasts, when we are body-shamed or slut-shamed, and sometimes even when our brilliance dazzles. The fault, we’re told, is always ours. For most of us, shame is an all-too-familiar companion, and all that differs are our coping mechanisms. But perhaps nothing shames us as much, as persistently, and for as long as the fact that we menstruate. 

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Amutha Palaniandi

Sanitation champion spotlight: Amutha Palaniandi, a mason from Trichy (India)

  6. October 2023    265

My name is Amutha Palaniandi. I am a mason from Trichy in India, working in the construction of toilets and containment structures. I started my career as a helper in construction in 2006, and after 6 years decided to transition into masonry.

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